STRING QUARTETS                                          (9th 4tet: Cavaleri quartet)   (11th 4tet: Flight quartet)                                         (12th 4tet: Northern quartet)   (14th 4tet: Sarentino Strings)                                     (16th 4tet: Villiers quartet)                                     (18th 4tet: Villiers quartet)                                        (19th 4tet: Allegri quartet)   (30th 4tet: Villiers quartet)   Birds Stop Flying: Black Velvet clarinet quartet


Clarinet quartet composed in a time when hopes and opportunities for my children and grandchildren seem to be suffering under the shadow of dark political and social events (e.g. Brexit, Trump, conspiracy believers). For me, birds had seemed to stop flying. There are various quotes from great composers whom I revere and who were imitating birdsong. But this should be a work with an underlying joy of play that Black Velvet quartet captured in performance.   Villiers 4tet: qtet no. 43  in memory of Trevor


Bless the candles no longer available on soundcloud as I ran out of space)          (ex tempore: Zhok Hora)

The wonderful Ros Hawley (clarinet) and Mike Kahan (violin) performing the

3 Discourses in Manchester:  commissioned with funds from the Performing Rights Society in 2004.

3 Memorials to Primo Levi, Marc Chagall and Béla Bartók:

performed by Victoria Soames Samek (clarinet/bass clarinet)

and the Villiers string quartet

Moments of Reprieve             

La Chute de l'ange            

Ruthenian Variations       

Prelude & Fugue (Gjylacis brothers)     

2 fantasias (Gjylaci brothers)               

Dances in the dark (Jon Gjylaci)        



3 Dances for a blind dancer.   Liz Hanks cello solo 

3 Dances for a Blind Dancer:  Home to Home Project

Sonatina for 2 violins: Ralph & Lizzie Dawson