STRING QUARTETS                                          (9th 4tet: Cavaleri quartet)   (11th 4tet: Flight quartet)                                         (12th 4tet: Northern quartet)   (14th 4tet: Sarentino Strings)                                     (16th 4tet: Villiers quartet)                                     (18th 4tet: Villiers quartet)                                        (19th 4tet: Allegri quartet)   (30th 4tet: Villiers quartet)


Bless the candles no longer available on soundcloud as I ran out of space)          (ex tempore: Zhok Hora)

The wonderful Ros Hawley (clarinet) and Mike Kahan (violin) performing the

3 Discourses in Manchester:  commissioned with funds from the Performing Rights Society in 2004.

3 Memorials to Primo Levi, Marc Chagall and Béla Bartók:

performed by Victoria Soames Samek (clarinet/bass clarinet)

and the Villiers string quartet

Moments of Reprieve             

La Chute de l'ange            

Ruthenian Variations       

Prelude & Fugue (Gjylacis brothers)     

2 fantasias (Gjylaci brothers)               

Dances in the dark (Jon Gjylaci)        



3 Dances for a blind dancer.   Liz Hanks cello solo 

3 Dances for a Blind Dancer:  Home to Home Project

Sonatina for 2 violins: Ralph & Lizzie Dawson